[Fantastic Fest Interview]…’The Wave’ Director and Writer Discuss Time-travel and the Balance of the Universe

When we look to the stars, and wonder about our purpose on Earth, we probably ask the same things: Why are we here? What is it all about? Is there more to the day-in, day-out routine? Well, I’m sorry to say that I can’t answer that for you. However, director Gille Klabin and writer/producer Carl […]


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Sweet (Red Band) Trailer…'Movie 43'

What is this? The ABC’s of Comedy? Well for 4 years now a little project called Movie 43 has been in production and this is the first taste of the off-the-wall humor we can expect. The ensemble comedy boasts a plethora of major league talents and directors doing what they do best; make us laugh. […]

G-S-T Review…For a Good Time, Call…

For those of you who grew up in the 1980’s, or were old enough to experience that period of filmmaking, it was a great era for the movie industry.  There were so many movies that made us laugh, cry and feel a myriad of other emotions.  One genre really stands out during that period; comedy.  […]

Sweet Trailer…'Going the Distance'

Kind of funny that I would post the trailer for something that has just come out in theaters but this movie seems to be growing on me. The always likable everyman Justin Long and Drew Barrymore (hot off her directorial debut of the charming roller-derby film Whip It) star in this delightful looking romantic comedy. At first I […]