The CineMagic 8-Ball

“The CineMagic 8-Ball” – In Theaters 8/31/12

When so many movies are released each weekend and trailers often seem better than the movie itself, what should one do? In this precarious situation, we consult the The CineMagic 8-Ball (TM) to help us see through the nebulous marketing haze. Doing so just might save us all a disheartening trip to the cinema and spare us unnecessarily springing for $7 popcorn. See what the 8-Ball says about this week’s releases…



The true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: bootlegging siblings who made a run for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia. Inspired by true-life tales of author Matt Bondurant’s family in his novel “The Wettest County In The World,” the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation’s most notorious crime wave.

The CineMagic 8-Ball says: “Signs Points to WIN



The reserved Lauren and the irrepressible Katie are polar opposites… and past enemies. But when both come up short on the funds needed to afford their dream New York City apartment a mutual friend re-introduces them and they reluctantly agree to room together. These apartment-mates have nothing in common — until Lauren discovers that Katie is working as a phone-sex operator, and recognizes a good business opportunity. But as their business partnership takes off, their newfound friendship finds unexpected challenges that may leave them both, as they say, hanging on the telephone.

The CineMagic 8-Ball says: “Signs Point to WIN”



Clyde and Stephanie Brenek see little cause for alarm when their youngest daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst, only to discover that the box was built to contain a dibbuk, a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.

The CineMagic 8-Ball says: “Outlook Good


Also hitting theaters this weekend are  The Day, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate and The Good Doctor. What will you be seeing? If you’ve seen any of these already, please let us know what you thought below.


  • RidgeRacer4

    Seems a great mixed bag release weekend…something for everyone:) But Lawless has my money locked up.

    Curious about The Good Doctor but then again the films where Orlando Bloom doesn’t hold a weapon don’t fare so well. Maybe you could consider a scalpel a weapon:P

  • Andrew Crump

    The Possession ain’t nothing good. It’s just standard demonic possession stuff. Had the film involved the Judaic elements in more upfront ways, it might have felt fresher, but apart from good performances and a great finale, it’s weak.

    Everyone should go see Oslo, August 31st as soon as they can if they have the opportunity to, though. Just hit theaters in Boston today.