David O. Russell to Direct Jennifer Lawrence In Two New Projects

When a filmmaker finds a talent he likes working with it can be, in the immortal words of Humphrey Bogart, “the beginning of a beautiful friendship“.  Well hot off the successful longevity that David O. Russell is seeing with his Silver Linings Playbook, he’s not done with Jennifer Lawrence, not by a long shot. As such the filmmaker is looking to work with the white-hot actress for two more pictures. He and Lawrence will be re-collaborating on his next two features.

The first is a yet-untitled dark comedy, formerly known as American Bullshit, about the ABSCAM scandal. It’s a true story of a notorious financial con-artist and his mistress/partner in crime (played respectively by Christian Bale and Amy Adams) who to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters, and politicians when they are forced to work with an out of control federal agent (Linings alum Bradley Cooper) in an FBI sting operation. It takes place during the 1970s and ultimately led to the conviction of United States Congressmen. The project also stars Jeremy Renner and Louis C.K. and sounds immensely promising even if, from the brief description, Lawrence might not have a headlining role.

The second project (currently in-development) will similarly be a fact-based story called The Ends of the Earth. Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch (The Pursuit of Happyness) are on board to produce the project from a script by Chris Terrio (screenwriter of Argo). Described as a “dysfunctional romantic comedy“, the film is about a powerful oil tycoon who has everything stripped from him after he is caught in an affair. There’s not a whole lot more to go on right now, but there’s nothing wrong with a little familial dysfunction and the project seems perfectly suited for Russell.

THR reported on The Ends of the Earth and regarding his fondness for Lawrence was quoted as saying,

“Jennifer possesses a self-deprecating humor that made all of the cast and crew feel at ease. She is the most dedicated person I know. She is devoted to her family, and they have been the true inspiration for her character and integrity. Her acting is effortless, and she always makes it look easy.”

Following  the success of The Fighter and the recent multi-category Oscar hopeful Silver Linings Playbook, Russell is finding himself in demand despite his so-called temper flaring attitude on set.

We at G-S-T have been in love with is work ever since being wowed by Three Kings in college. Also, we might be one of the few people who find I Heart Huckabees to be more entertaining than its surface level of quirk might allow. Still it’s good to see a talented filmmaker and a talented thespian agree to come together come together to make more great films. Historically there’s a lot of good ones who have come before. Scorsese/De Niro, Allen/Keaton, recently McQueen/Fassbender, and now, maybe O. Russell/Lawrence?? We’ll see but our fingers crossed for both of them, especially at the Academy Awards this weekend.