Ohhh, Look…Gorgeous "Avengers Assemble" Posters

Captain America took home the box office gold this weekend (to the tune of $65.8M) and tons of positive reviews. As Steve Rogers is the final Avenger to get his big screen debut (in the Joss Whedonverse that is, we’re going to forget about that other early 90’s Cap flick) we finally have all the pieces in place for next year’s Avengers film. While the idea of a full scale Avengers film was a huge endeavor/risk, Marvel certainly did it right establishing the characters on their own as opposed to a convoluted introduction which would bog down their big budget film from the get go.

The road leading up to it has been rather fulfilling and I can say that much even as a passing fan I’ve been increasingly interested and impressed with the whole process. What started with carefully crafted and placed hints has been building steadily along the way and I can’t believe it’s almost here. Man when it hits, it’s gonna hit hard and I cannot wait!

To help get us that much closer to the grand idea of it all, Marvel has released these sweet posters to get everyone who wasn’t already completely on board super excited about this. Also having them done in the timeless style similar to Drew Struzan probably doesn’t hurt either. Have a look at the artwork below as well as the compilation photo that makes for one awesome mural…

Click the image above for a hi-res version


Get ready for The Avengers as Marvel will be bringing them all to theaters next Spring on May 4, 2012. Will you be there??


  • ruth

    They’re very slick indeed, it’s cool how they um, assemble well together but still works individually. Drew Struzan is an amazing artist.

  • MarcC

    @Custard…Well it is still a big gamble since all those (colorful) characters sharing the screen might be just too many cooks in the kitchen so I understand you’re worries.

    @Ruth…It’s not Drew’s work but it just kinda looks like his stuff.

  • Dan

    This is one superhero film I am actually looking forward to. These posters look awesome!

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