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Sweet Trailer…'Smashed'

While we’re used to seeing Aaron Paul as a character who is that is less than savory, Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives us a head-turning role in Smashed. Here Paul and Winstead play Kate and Charlie, a married couple who share a fondness for music, laughter and getting smashed. Yet as excess leads down a slippery slope of hard-core asocial behavior, Kate’s elementary school job becomes compromised. She learns that change isn’t exactly a cakewalk and sobriety will have her confronting the lies she’s been spinning at work, her troubling relationship with her mother, and the nature of her bond with Charlie. With a magnetic trailer like this (and it being Sundance’s buzzed about film) this’ll be a must-see for sure.

Like I said, a must-see. However, as is the nature of the trailer industry, we’re pretty much being shown the sugar-coated and plucky side to the story. With content like this it’s a sure bet there’ll be some exceedingly heavy scenes between Paul and Winstead. For those of you interested, Smashed is directed by James Ponsoldt and stars Aaron Paul, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Nick Offerman and Octavia Spencer. Right now it is slated to hit theaters this Fall on October 12, 2012 but it’s unclear whether it’ll be wide or limited release. Whatcha think? Look enticing enough??

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  • pturner1010

    I don’t think the trailer shows the full potential. Great cast and I’ve heard very good things but this trailer doesn’t really get me overly excited.