The G-S-T 500…Vroom, Vroom

Well friends, we’ve done it!! We have hit a milestone which makes me so very happy I wanted to share it with you. Yes, we have reached our 500th post and man that feels pretty good to say. Plus this momentous occasion is made all the more special as it comes right on the heels of G-S-T making our 6th trip to the IMDb Hit List with this post. Talk about a way to end the week!

It’s been a blast watching movies and then chatting them up with all of our readers and friends. One thing is for sure we wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for everyone of you reading and commenting. So while we’re still a ways from sharing this milestone with you, we promise to continue to write the kinds of posts that keep you coming here in the first place. This is as much our celebration as it is yours and you have my thanks. But we’re not done yet…there’s more!!

On that note, I have some site news. Go,See,Talk has been going through continuous restructuring but the big issue is that Rob and Pete will no longer be on the staff; sad news for G-S-T but not necessarily. I am holding their positions open to any interested parties who’d like to join our site. Also, I’m not just limiting contributors to those two spots either. So tell your friends, Go,See,Talk is looking for a few good writers!!

I Want You…to Join Our Staff!!

In the near future I’d like to kick Go, See, Talk up a few notches. To do that I would love to bring on anyone who’s equally interested in movies. It’s pretty casual here (if you couldn’t tell) so I’m looking for anyone wanting to write about movie news, reviews and anything else. So if you really want to be part of this, I’d be very glad to talk things over with you. Feel free to write me at

Other than that I hope we can continue to keep your interest!! As always please come back anytime!!


  • rtm

    Double congrats Marc! FC just reached 400th post and 200k this week also, thanks partly to the kind people at IMDb 🙂

    Keep up the great work and we’ll keep on readin’!

  • MarcC

    Thanks a million Ruth and I must say Congrats right back at ya!! Yes those slight nudges from IMDb do get the hits up don’t they?(10,000 a day is a nice surprise)

    Well if I could write our posts as well as you do I’d probably bring in a lot more readers:) You’re the best Ruth!

  • Steve

    Congratulations, Marc! 500 ain’t small potatoes – that’s all about dedication and filling the deficit in one’s attention. Always a great vibe over here, and always clever ways of presenting your thoughts. Good luck with your shuffling of personel – such a classy blog should have no trouble wrangling a loose cannon movie blogger in no time.

    Cheers to another 500!

    • MarcC

      Steve, you really made our day with your kind words. If it takes 5000 posts to get just one comment like yours then all the efforts we put into our writing are worth it:) Thanks very very much for the comment and for being a fan. The Film Cynics are always welcome here:)