Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…’Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’

We don’t post many trailers as of late, mostly because there are plenty of movie-themed outlets that showcase the latest and greatest hitting cinemas. But when something comes along that really resonates with us, we are obliged to post it. Case in point. Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Leon) is one of our all-time favorite […]

ALL PASSES CLAIMED – Advance Screening Passes to ‘LUCY’ in AUSTIN, TX

Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in Universal Pictures’ LUCY. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Go,See,Talk invites you to enter for a chance to win a pass to a special advance screening of LUCY starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in Austin, TX on Tuesday, July 22 at 7:30 PM. For your chance to win, simply send […]

G-S-T Review…The Family

The Family is a lot of things; a deliriously violent black comedy, the first real Luc Besson film Luc Besson has made since 2011’s  The Lady (which was itself preceded by a string of children’s movies and fantasy fare), the latest entry in his filmography well beyond his retirement date, and further proof to fuel […]

G-S-T Review…Taken 2

Going into a Luc Besson film (whether he produced it, directed it, or in this case penned it) you’ll likely find two distinct elements: kick ass action and memorable/likable characters. It’s easily evidenced looking back at his earlier works like The Fifth Element, Leon, Wasabi, The Transporter and Taken. But after a surprise hit actioner like […]

“The CineMagic 8-Ball” – In Theaters 4/13/12

When so many movies are released each weekend and trailers often seem better than the movie itself, what should one do? In this precarious situation, we consult the The CineMagic 8-Ball (TM) to help us see through the nebulous marketing haze. Doing so just might save us all a disheartening trip to the cinema and spare us unnecessarily springing for $7 […]

Sweet Trailer…'Escape From M.S. One' (aka 'Lockout') UPDATED

From Europa Corp and Film District comes the Luc Besson written sci-fi film Escape from MS One (previously known as Lockout); his first other worldly adventure since The Fifth Element. In it, Guy Pearce stars as a wrongly convicted man who is offered freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Lady'

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen something from Luc Besson that looked this good! The Lady is a film adaptation chronicling the life of pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi and the academic and writer Michael Aris. It’s a true story of love set against political turmoil that really really looks like a stunner […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: “The Action Film”

  This following is the next entry in a series of blog events spearheaded by Fandango Groovers and Movie Mobsters. Today we are all highlighting signature and essential films of the action genre (read Things That Explode). Go,See,Talk is happy to be asked back and contribute to this blog-a-thon once again. So lock n’ load action junkies […]

Off the Shelf…'Leon' (The Professional)

Before I begin any of this little praise fest for one of my favorite movies, I’d just like to say that the world needs more Luc Besson films. In my own opinion I think that if George Lucas had been friends with Luc Besson we would have been treated to Star Wars prequel films that […]

Yi-Ha!!…The G-S-T Trailer Round-Up!!

With this being the end of my first week back from my Honeymoon, I am now absolutely, positively caught up on all that I had missed while being in Australia. Wow, a lot can happen in 2 weeks, huh?! So for anyone out there who also missed a sizable chunk of entertainment goodness, here’s a comprehensive collection of films […]

Luc Besson's latest…

As anyone who has seen any Luc Besson film should know, he’s a master storyteller, has an affinity for both style, flair and action, and his films rarely disappoint.  The Fifth Element is still one of the most gorgeous sci-fi films out there (theres’ a reason why that movie is standard for defining the latest video technology). Anyway, I have […]