Calling All Fellow Bloggers: Upcoming Blog Event!!

This is just a reminder that all short-links are to be emailed to me by August 7th/8th. I aim to publish all posts that following Friday, August 13th at 7:00 am (central time) .

Since we are just about a month from launching this I wanted to make this an open call to anyone else not originally emailed about this. For all those interested, this following blurb will tell you a little more about what we’re doing.

In the success of Fandango Groovers’ Desert Island DVDs and Mike’s 27 Movies that Made Going to the Movies Suck, I’d like to suggest another big event entitled Films That Defined Us.

Since we’re all pretty much life long film fans, I thought it would be fun to write about the movies that really set the bar for us. More specifically the movies we were raised on which (probably) forever defined our tastes. It would not only be a fun trip down memory lane, but also a way for us to find out what makes our friends tick.

The format would be as follows:

  • Please identify no less than 5 and no more than 8 titles from any applicable genres (comedy, horror, action, romance, mystery, etc.) which you will use to highlight your favorite films from your impressionable years. I’m leaving it all open and imagine that you can mix and match however you want. Choose movies from just one genre, omit certain genres, whatever. It’s all up to you so write about the movies you want to write about…I just want to keep the count low and don’t want people coming up with double digit entries. The 5 to 8 is a good and concise number.
  • Each entry would require 3-4 sentences of  1. Why it dazzled you at a young age 2. What still stands up about it, and 3. Why you think it sets the standard for the genre of choice.
  • Since this is a personal list, don’t worry about trying to impress anyone with seemingly sophisticated tastes. Remember, these are the films that you saw at a young age and the ones you constantly refer back to as classics…even if they really aren’t 😛

Pass the word out to anyone you think might want to participate; the more the merrier. For everyone involved, I have created this little banner above to place atop your post. Any questions between now and then, feel free to email me and thank you in advance for your help in making this happen!!


  • Peter E.

    I have to totally get on this. Thanks for the email. Need to think on it, but will surely send my pics soon enough…it’s a great idea…

  • Heather

    I believe Jim and Jon from MM are going to be joining in as well. Consider me RSVPing again, and I’ll make sure to have you the info ASAP. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  • MarcC

    @Dan…Sweet, glad to have you aboard!!

    @Peter…Same for you too! It’s gonna be awesome. Also, all I need is the shortlink.

    @Heather…Wow, I get all the mobsters for this. Cool:)

  • rtm

    I hope I don’t forget this Marc, perhaps you could send a reminder every now and again until then? 🙂 Looking forward to what others’ pick.

  • MarcC

    I’ll keep you posted Ruth, just make sure you set aside some time to participate. It can’t be a blog event without FlixChatter:)

    • MarcC

      So glad we have “Best Blog Winner” M.Carter on board!!…I was starting to think you were too good for us with all of your amazing Bogart Week reviews;)