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Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer Michael Giacchino

To close out their Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has invited Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino (pronounced “Juh-keen-oh“) to conduct a retrospective concert from May 18th – 20th.

The set list, which he’s calling Stories of Islands, Balloons and Space, will include a number of his most popular and well-loved themes/music including Lost, Up, Star Trek, Super 8 and Ratatoulie.

While he’s garnered plenty of acclaim and accolades this will be one of the few time he’s ever conducted his work. But before he takes the stage for his 3 night engagement (the first time that an orchestra in the United States has performed a complete range of his work), he agreed to meet with G-S-T for an exclusive interview.

Join us as Michael discusses his influences, getting his big break, working with friends as well as his heroes, his creative process and much more…

If you enjoyed this video, check out our fun and equally insightful phone interview with Michael.

What are some of your favorite Michael Giacchino scores/themes? Anyone planning on attending his performances?? 

Footnote: Go,See, Talk would like to give a huge thanks to Michael Giacchino for his time and to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for arranging this interview.


  • Skrueger1103

    Loved the show on Sunday!  Friend and I flew all the way from Wisco to see him!  Hope he heard me say “You All Everybody!” right before he kicked into his suite for LOST.  M.G. you are amazingly talented and it was worth every cent to see you in Dallas! Hope you make it to the midwest sometime <3

    • RidgeRacer4

      Glad you had a great time and your trip was worth it:) I saw it on Saturday and it was simply awesome! Thanks for the comment and welcome to G-S-T!

  • Andrew Crump

    Okay, this whole thing is pretty great, but I’ve got to say– my favorite part of this entire piece is the pronunciation guide.

    The interview itself though is immeasurably badass. Giacchino’s a big deal! You really seemed to click with him pretty quickly, too, which I always think makes an interview really pop.

    • RidgeRacer4

      Well I cribbed that from his website, but I liked it when I saw it too:P

      Audio glitches/sound problems aside I think it came out OK. He was a great interviewee and I could have easily picked his brain for another 30 mins. Fingers crossed for a follow up sometime before Star Trek 2 hit theaters:)