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CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All winners have been notified. Thanks for your interest in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 3D!


Go,See,Talk is partnering with Walt Disney Pictures to give 75 Dallas area film fans FREE passes (good for you +1 guest) to an “Advance Screening” of Beauty and the Beast in 3D starring Paige O’HaraRobby BensonJerry OrbachDavid Ogden Stiers and Angela Lansbury.

The screening will take place in DALLAS, TX on Saturday January 7th at 10:30AM and winners will be notified no later than Friday January 6th.

So how do you claim/win them?? Simple. Leave an answer to the following question in the comment section (remember to include your email address) and we’ll send you your FREE ticket…but it’s first come, first served so act fast!

  • Who is your favorite character from Beauty and the Beast??

Be one of the first 75 people to reply to secure your printable ticket and it’ll be sent to your email address. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at the Cinema!! Little reminder though, this ticket is not an assigned seat, just admittance to the theater. Be sure to arrive at least one hour before the screening to help you secure a good seat. Thanks for your interest in Beauty and the Beast 3D.

Also I hope to see you at the Cinema as I will personally be collecting tickets and handing out promo materials/assorted swag for Beauty and the Beast 3D…looking forward to seeing you there!! It’s a magical tale, one most everyone has grown up with and we invite you to see it again, or for the first time, in 3D! Be our guest!!

For updates leading up to its release, be sure to “LikeWalt Disney Animation Studios and follow them on Twitter at @Disney.


  • Palalalina

    My favorite character has been and will always be Belle. I just love the fact that she always has her nose in a book.

  • malia

    My favorite character is by far, Belle. She is so courageous! She definitely does not use the whole damsel in distress thing.. lol

  • Tif

    My fave character is Chip- he is just adorable! Love Belle but Chip is just soooo cute!!!!!!

  • Hanh Louk

    I love this classic movie! My favorite character is Belle. She is beautiful inside and out.

  • Kim Seeto

    My favorite character is Mrs. Potts. I love her and Chip! They are sweet and funny!

  • Virginia Rinehart

    DEFF Belle. I’ve always loved her, because she knows she has trouble fitting in, but sticks to her dreams!

  • Kameron Murphy

    My favorite character is prolly Lumiere, b/c he’s funny yet serious, & a great friend.

  • Melissa

    I of course love Belle and all of the furniture and housewares that come to life in the castle, but I also really like Gaston. He’s such a cocky guy that it cracks me up. I like how he has the three rather provactively dressed women fawning over him. Lol

    I had this awesome Belle coffee mug from the Disney Store and it accidentally got dropped and shattered. I haven’t been able to find a replacement. :((