Ohhh, Look…Slick 'Drive' Character Banners/Posters

A few weeks ago Nicolas Winding Refn came through Dallas on a PA tour for his new film Drive. The film, in what I can tell you before the embargo allows us to post the review, is a tight, hard edged film that that is pure noir-styled perfection. Refn has a wonderfully detailed eye and as such his films are enticing, engaging and almost play out like visual poetry (even if the less than savory subject matter doesn’t agree with everyone). So have a look at the 6 new character banners and posters released by Film District after the jump…

The minimal look and slick style of the banners and posters really capture the feel of the movie (also the soundtrack is beyond sensational). Take it from me, if you like any of Refn’s films or other noir thrillers (like Brick for instance) you should have a blast with Drive as it is everything people are saying and more.

Finally, for those of you interested, we recorded the Q&A hosted by Alamo Drafthouse’s Chase Whale which features the simply hilarious and insightful thought process behind Nichols Winding Refn’s work….it’s really worth your time (just be advised that due to the riotous laughter the audio may spike at times).

Nicholas Winding Refn Q & A by ridgeracer4
Make plans to go see Drive when it opens on September 16th 2011.

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