Sweet Podcast…The MILFcast: Episode 33

Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope you and yours are enjoying the time together this year. For those of you needing a few idea for something fun to do over the next couple of days I offer 3 suggestions: You can either check out Arthur Christmas, The Muppets or listen to yours truly wax idiotic about all sorts of cinematic topics with and Kai & Heather of Man I Love Films in the latest installment of the MILFcast (which is the Man I Love Films podcast). Have a listen to it below or, more preferably, head over to Man I Love Films so you can check out more of their interesting and off the wall movie related topics.

We at Go,See,Talk wish the very best for all our fans and to your respective families/loved ones. Enjoy the rest of your four day weekend and Happy Holidays Everybody!!