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Sweet Tr-a-iler…'My Week with Marilyn'

Happy Birthday Mr. President indeed! Premiering today is the trailer for the much publicized film My Week with Marilyn starring the wonderfully talented Michelle Williams. Following the story of  Marilyn Monroe during her visit to London in the 50s to shoot The Prince and the Showgirl, this Weinstein Company backed film attempts to show the more human (read: troubled) side of the world’s most beloved blond bombshell that few have ever seen. It’s certainly impressive, so check it out for yourselves, wont you…

The Weinstiens not withstanding I’m getting a vibe similar to The King’s Speech, but maybe that’s just me. The trailer doesn’t have me completely sold but I suspect I am just going to love this. For the most part, Williams fits the part specifically with those playful mannerisms Marilyn was known for. Other times it seems like it’s not there yet. Too early to tell, and perhaps once we see her for an extended period of time she’ll completely transform but still, as of right now I’m entirely intrigued. Starring Williams as the titular Marilyn, the cast also includes Eddie Redmayne (as Colin Clark), Judi Dench (as Sybil Thorndike) and Kenneth Branagh (as the legendary Laurence Olivier) and many other. Currently My Week with Marilyn is slated for a release date this Fall on November 4th, 2011. What do you all think of Williams in the role? 


  • Castor

    It’s a nicely put together trailer. It doesn’t feel like an Oscar-bait movie but rather an intriguing love story. Could be a solid flick.

    • MarcC

      Good point though this time of year you can easily see how the line between a well crafted film and Oscar-bait can easily be blurred:P

  • Dan

    Michelle Williams looks the part. She’s also a talented actress who perhaps hasn’t had the right role in the past. That might be changing now.

    • MarcC

      Here’s hoping right? I’m glad to see her getting more attention and prominent roles. She’s like the American Kate Winslet.