Ohhh, Look…Humorous 'Big Trouble in Little China' Gangnam Style Parody

Since Big Trouble In Little China is probably my favorite movie of all time (well it’s in the Top 3), I will never pass up a chance to post about BTiLC no matter how irreverent it may be. Case in point – Korean super star PSY has taken the world by storm with his chart […]

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

Hello World, Marc Here: While I would like to state that this post will provide extensive coverage of the 5th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend, alas that would be a lie. We at Go, See,Talk have far too little time and money to devote to a festival/convention, no matter how awesome it may be. That said, I […]

Does ‘Nostalgia’ Make a Movie Better Than It Is?

After seeing Blade Runner for the first time about 6 years ago, I have been wondering ever since “why the world is infatuated with Blade Runner?” I’ll admit it looks cool but I don’t think it’s that great a movie. Sure, it gets high points for style and imagery but the ending alone killed it […]