ArcLight Cinemas 10th Anniversary Interview Series – Will Ferrell

With the The Hunger Games hitting theaters this weekend, it’s pretty much a lock that it’ll win the top box office spot with very little contest. So if you’re not into blockbuster tween romance and want something a little more quaint, then Casa de mi Padre is just the ticket. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Go,See,Talk has partnered with ArcLight Cinemas to bring you interviews with the talent/stars of some of 2012’s most buzzed about and anticipated films.

Will Ferrell stopped by the ArcLight to promote Casa di mi Padre and his Q&A after the screening, just like the movie itself, left everyone in stitches. Enjoy…

Go,See,Talk had *queue humble brag* our own  interview with Will that was both light-hearted as well as comically informative. But if you liked what you saw above, that then you’re going to love the rest of the interviews the ArcLight has lined up for the rest of 2012. Here’s one recent and more intimate interview with Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm for their new movie, Friends with Kids.

Click this link to find out more about ArcLight Cinemas or check out the AcrLight Facebook pageCasa de mi Padre is in theaters now.