The Avengers: Minimalist Posters & Fictitious Apple Products

The world is getting amped for The Avengers movie and if you hadn’t been keeping up, it opens in theaters exactly one month from today. The hype machine is high gear and we’ve seen trailers, TV spots, posters as well as behind the scenes featurettes/images. They’re all highly sylized and compelling but as minimalist posters are still kind of the “in” thing I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring this one time.

Below are some very simple Avengers character posters and a team poster I designed in sort of a 60’s/retro motif. Again very simple (like 12 minutes to make simple), they’re even minimal for minimalist standards but have a look…

Also, since I had the old thinking cap on, I have always thought that if Apple has such a presence and pumps out iPods daily they could certainly have used this film (or any earlier Marvel films) to promote iProduct tie-ins.

So here are a just two simple Avengers based iPod mods. Personally I think Apple missed the opportunity with both Iron Man films to jazz up one of their pint sized products (any incarnation of the Shuffle) and so I took some creative liberties with these (like 30 seconds of creative liberty). I would have definitely bought this as opposed to their respective stock colors.