Coming Soon…Spring 2009

With the first day of Spring just around the corner we at G-C-T have some films that we’re pretty anxious to see.  I know I am hesitant about some of the ones due for release (namely Wolverine) but on the whole I feel optimistic about this season.  I’ll also go as far to say I’ve got a good feeling about the rest of this year as well…but more on that later.

Even though the economy is in the crapper, and bad news is all that reports can talk about, keep the faith friends.  There are some ‘Cinematic Vacations’ coming to a theater near you to take our minds off all the “bailout” news out there…and when the dust has settled and the popcorn is stale, we’ll tell you which ones are ‘Treasures’ and which ones are ‘Trash’.

So, without further ado, here’s what we want to see:

March 27

“Monsters vs. Aliens” / “The Haunting in Connecticut”

April 17

“CRANK: High Voltage” / “State of Play”

April 24

“Tyson”…as in Punchout:)

May 1

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

May 8

“Star Trek”

May 15

“Angels & Demons” / “Big Man Japan”

May 29


June 5

“The Hangover”

Oh, baby, 2 Tyson films in 1 year??…makes me happier than King Hippo!!

Well friends, that’s Spring in a nutshell…is there anything I missed or is there anything you all want to see?