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Dallas Symphony Hosts “The Masters of Film Music” w/ Michael Giacchino

Oscar-winner, Pixar golden boy and creator of some of the catchiest and most memorable tunes in recent years, Michael Giacchino’s musical genius knows no bounds. His exciting, weighty and frenetic themes have been the unseen heart and soul in stories great and small, from video games and TV shows all the way up to big budget animated films and blockbusters. If you were emotionally invested in any Pixar, Bad Robot or other adventure/sci-fi production in the last decade, you were no doubt under the spell of maestro Michael Giacchino.

This week, acclaimed film composer Michael Giacchino will hold an exclusive 3 night engagement with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The retrospective concert experience will feature a set list of Giacchino’s finest works with an added bonus; Michael himself will be conducting his well-loved themes at the Meyerson Symphony Center from May 18th – 20th. Michael Giacchino is immensely talented and he has the ability to weave warmth and heart into even the most outlandish stories. His true gift however is how he can make such a simple tune infinitely dynamic and entirely catchy. Yet no matter how many times you hear his themes, and all their variations, they still seem new and fun.

So, as brief overview of the amazing diversity of this zany, energetic and incomparable musician, as a fan, I humbly offer a sampling of the 12 tracks/themes that I find myself constantly revisiting. These tracks aren’t his definitive work by any means but they showcase his incredible range, which is about as diverse as the plots of any of the Pixar films. FYI, you can read anything you ever wanted to know about this mucial genius from the bio page on his website here. Enjoy!

As noted above, Michael Giacchio will be playing a 3 night retrospective with the Dallas Symphony focusing on some of his most popular work to date. Go,See,Talk will be sitting with Mr. Giacchino next Thursday (before his first performance) for an exclusive on-camera interview. We are eagerly looking forward to speaking with him about his background as well as his experience working in film music. 

So look forward to the video of our session with him as well as the recap of his Saturday night performance. Tickets should still be available so please, click this link to the Dallas Symphony website for information. If you’re a film fan and, moreover, you love film music, I implore you to attend one of Michael Giacchino’s performances. Endlessly talented, it’s a certainty that the mastery, beauty and brilliance of Michael Giacchino’s work will serve as inspiration to a whole new generation of film composers. Who better to look up to, right?

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