Oh Boy, a Happy Birthday "Double Feature"!!

One of the elements on IMDb that I pay more than passing attention to is the ‘Born Today‘ feature, and today one of my favorite actors turns 55. That’s right Kevin Costner is the big 5-5 and I thought it was worth mentioning because I am such a big fan of his. But what’s that?? Not good enough you say? Well, what if I told you that he shares the same birthday with probably the world’s classiest actor, or who Robert Osborne called, “the best of the best“. That’s right, the incomparable Cary Grant (who passed away in 1986) would have been 106…what? People still celebrate Elvis’ birthday.

“You know, punk, one day you’ll be able to squint and glower as good as I do…well maybe”

So to further celebrate here are my Top 5 favorite films from both Kevin and Cary. You know, if I ever got into films (hey, I can dream can’t I?), I think my stage name would be ‘Grant Costner’. That sounds pretty cool…anyway, here we go:


Quick 5 Kevin Costner Films

  1. Open Range
  2. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  3. Mr. Brooks
  4. For Love of the Game
  5. Dances with Wolves

Honorable Mention: The Untouchables


Quick 5 Cary Grant Films

  1. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (“Off the Shelf” recommendation coming soon!)
  2. My Favorite Wife
  3. The Philadelphia Story
  4. I Was A Male War Bride
  5. Bringing Up Baby

Honorable Mention: Gunga Din


Happy Birthday Guys!! Well, those are my favorites, what are yours?