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Interview…GoSeeTalk Contributor Federico Furzan

Hey, film fans. Hope you’re doing well. Can you believe it’s already June? I can honestly say that 2021 is, even at the halfway mark, tremendously better than 2020. Businesses are open to full capacity, theaters are back in business and you can go see your friends without a great many limitations.

GoSeeTalk has been a one-man show since I cut the team lose in 2014 so they could pursue other, more professional opportunities. They are still missed. But this year, we start embracing the team atmosphere once again. And many times, teams work because of friendship.

If you’ve been paying attention to the reviews recently, particularly the byline, you’ll note that newcomer Federico Furzan has been throwing up some great pieces – from indie films to hard-hitting actioners. Federico is not only a talented writer, and a Rotten Tomatoes-certified critic, he’s also a well-rounded film fan. Growing up on horror classics, Stephen King books and sophisticated films, he found the world of cinema one he needed to inhabit regularly.

As a way of welcoming Federico to the site and introducing him to all of you awesome readers, he and I recorded a podcast. What happens when two film fans start yapping about the movies? For one, time gets away from you and we spent close to two hours talking about all aspects of film. But, more importantly, you get to know how closely your tastes align. In this podcast, we get real, we have some fun, and it was real fun.

Federico is not only a true film fan, but he’s also got a great ear for music – he loves scores and soundtracks as much as we do. So, yeah, he’s right at home here at GoSeeTalk. Welcome aboard, Mr. Furzan!

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