LOST: Season 6 Promo

While I kind of hate watching LOST on TV (those pesky commercials really get in the way, don’t they?) I’m excited for the upcoming 6th and final season.  Many friends I talk to about the show tell me they lost interest somewhere in the middle of Season 3.  One of the reasons being, and I quote “the story line got all trippy and my favorite characters kept dying“.  To me, that’s where it started to get better if you ask me.  But then again, I like my stories complicated because it makes me feel smarter when I watch.

One great thing about the creators of LOST is they know they have a pretty involving storyline, so to help fans remember all the intricate story twists, turns and arcs, they release a convenient “Cliff’s notes” for their promo.  If anyone is excited to see Season 6, but are like me and have slept since last season and don’t quite recall all the fine details, check out the promo below…

Well, now I fell caught up, but I’m probably going to need to watch it again at the end of the month because I’ll probably have forgotten it all:P  Season 6 of LOST is set to premiere on February 2nd at 8/7C.  Will you be watching??