New 'Pacific Rim' Posters Loom Large


One can never say too much about Guillermo Del Toro projects, especially when they’re well-cast love letters to the kaiju genre. Pacific Rim (one of Go, See, Talk!’s most anticipated releases of the year) has slowly but surely been building up hype since last year, before even a single promotional image or trailer was released. Since then, we’ve gotten the first official teaser and blueprint designs for the giant robots that comprise one of the film’s two colossal stars- the other, of course, being the aforementioned kaiju- and today the Internet has treated us to a pair of “character” posters for a pair of the monster-battling jaegers.

First up, hailing from Russia, we’ve got Cherno Alpha:

And representing Japan, it’s Coyote Tango:

I’ve said this before, but it’s really hard not to admire the design for these mechs. They’re not so streamlined as to be lacking visual or even cultural identity- the head of the Cherno Alpha in particular is one big shout out to its home country- but they’re also really clearly meant to look robotic as opposed to organic. There’s not a single trace of needless musculature on any of them, and they’re detailed without being overly busy. If there’s anything worth criticizing, it’s the copious amount of flying dirt in the second poster, but in a monster apocalypse combated by gargantuan robots, things are bound to get a bit messy, so it’s easy to excuse the cliche.

You can eye them over and decide for yourself, but the jaegers seem to be about looking cool and making visual sense, contrary to the kitchen sink approach seen in most large-scale sci-fi today. It’s still a ways off until July 12th, but Pacific Rim just looks better and better the more that we get to see of its content.

(Source: Badass Digest)