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Off the Shelf…Disney’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’

Walt Disney Home Entertainment’s The Pirate Fairy is another excellent installment in the Disney Fairy series. Whether or not you have enjoyed any of the previous Tinker Bell movies, you are really in for a treat with this installment. The Pirate Fairy is the best of the Disney Fairy series to date. It’s difficult to know what to expect in a title that is released directly to video.

Yet this latest fantasy based offering from the Mouse House is a pleasant surprise – you probably won’t expect how enjoyable this little film is. Watching it with young ones will easily prompt a repeat viewing and this has enough charm that adults won’t mind hitting play immediately after the first viewing.

The Pirate Fairy contains characters that won’t be familiar to your kids, but they will still enjoy them. Parents will undoubtedly take a stroll down memory lane as the fairies cross paths with Captain James (Hook) and Crocky. This film is certainly not a Peter Pan prequel. However, there are younger versions of characters from the Disney classic Peter Pan (1953). Disney playfully scripted some harmless fairy drama and weaved it together with some classic Disney characters to bring us a modern day classic.

The Pirate Fairy boasts some good extras considering this is a straight-to-disc movie. Go behind the scenes with Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers) as he discusses growing up on Disney songs and his joy in voicing James (future Captain Hook). There is a sing-a-long section for kids, with songs from the movie. There is an educational piece about crocodiles, and Crocky, cleverly named “Croc-u-mentary”.

There are also some deleted scenes and other cute extras beyond the run of the mill behind the scenes.With technology improving exponentially year after year, it only makes sense that there are more and more animated films each year. But it’s not just quantity, thankfully quality has been expanding and improving as well. The result is a higher caliber production (replete with A-list voice talent) that makes these and other direct-to-video titles not as painful to sit through as they’ve been in the past.

For adults, these sorts of animated films can be hit or miss. Not every one of them can be Frozen or The Lion King, but The Pirate Fairy, especially if you have little ones, is an enjoyable adventure. It certainly is an excellent addition to the Disney catalog and is, by far, the best of the Disney Fairy Series. Just ask my daughter, she’s watched it four times already.

Quadcard-The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy comes to DVD, Blu-ray (with Digital Copy) on April 1st so make sure and grab a copy today!