Ohhh, look…classy ‘Star Wars’ collectibles!!

Would you just look at the detail of this clever little trinket. It’s an inventive item to appropriately hold up your Star Wars DVDs…and I think I need it in my house:)

If any of you are interested in the least, from we get this brief little detail about one collectible I’d consider buying and hopefully not receive any ridicule from my wife:P

These 6″ x 12″ x 7.5″ hand painted Trash Compactor Bookends are available from the Star Wars Store for $190. Find out more at the following link: Trash Compactor Bookends Will Hopefully Crush Your Prequel DVDs [gizmodo]

If I were to buy this I think I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth since I’d really one use it for half the DVDs shown (due the fact that I deny the existence of Episodes I, II and III). As a substitution, I would maybe put in the Clone Wars Animated series because they are the best thing to happen to the series since blowing up the second Death Star…oh, and possibly the Robot Chicken Star Wars spoofs.

There’s also this one if you’re interested…boy I’m so tempted right now.

What do you all think?  Pretty sweet, or a waste of money??