Ohhh, Look…Enticing ‘Jurassic World’ Brochure – Park Re-Opens in 2015!

Jurassic World HeaderSay again?…We have a T-Rex!” If you’ve been patiently waiting to get back to Isla Nublar, then this promo brochure will very nearly send you packing for your trip. Part of the supposed ad campaign for the Colin Trevorrow directed Jurassic World (the fourth installment in the JP series), this teases some exciting activities, events and amenities on this theme-park inspired brochure/map.

For the avid dino fan, there are rides, a golf course, and a petting zoo…oh my! Curiously enough, a golf course seems more odd than a petting zoo.

Now you may have seen the first early photos released of this map of Isla Nublar (given to extras during shooting which took place at the ) but there have been two slightly higher resolution images added to the fan-run Jurassic World twitter page.

Have a look and then start planning your trip!


JW Brochure 2

JW Brochure 1

Any of you eagle eyed fans spot the instructions on the brochure? “PLEASE do not tap on the glass, cross barriers, throw anything into the exhibits, make excessive noise, tease or call out to the animals.” One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a killer trip, amirite?

Directed by Colin Trevorrow and co-starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio, Universal Pictures plans to “re-open” Jurassic World next year on June 12th, 2015.