Informative Hour Long Filmmaking Master Class with Ang Lee

From the tweets and posts and finally the glowing review of Ang Lee‘s latest film, it should be clear that we at GoSeeTalk loved Life of Pi (check out our review here). The adaptation of the popular Yann Martel novel is a shining example of why we go to cinemas in the first place and is a reminder of what film/cinema is, can and should be. While I won’t get into much more lengthy praise here, I instead turn you to this video below where Lee discusses the process of making the visual/narrative benchmark that is Life of Pi.

It’s a landmark film that really pushes storytelling to new heights and amazing to hear him talk about how he fully embraced the idea of creating something that everyone thought was unfilmmable. There’s a bit of translation time to sit through but we hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy hearing Lee discuss his journey. Enjoy!

Ang Lee is a filmmaker that, like Danny Boyle and Darren Aronofsky, never makes the same movie twice. Further, he has never and probably will never be pigeonholed and the film world will be better for it. So if you have an hour to spend with this video (probably easier if you can just put on some headphones while at work or lunch or something) it will be worth your time and even more so if you found the film as incredible as we did. Life of Pi is in theaters now. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and go now. If you’ve seen it already, let us know what you thought…and then follow our previous recommendation.