Ohhh, Look…Infographic: Famous British Cars from Film and Telly

Famous Brit Cars BannerThe most endearing component in some classic films and TV shows (be they good, bad or terribly cheesy) can often times be the most unsung – the car. In fact, sometimes it’s that 4-wheeled character that is most talked about after the credits have rolled. With time, luck and a hefty fan-base, it can even become more iconic than the film/show in which it exists. Sure we all know the usual suspects – Michael Knight’s talking car, the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1, Doc Brown’s time-travelling DeLorean, and the Corvette-inspired Batmobile that turned heads (well not Batman’s) in Tim Burton’s 1989 mega-hit – so this post will instead take a look at those popular whips from across the pond.

What you’ll find below is a pretty neat infographic (that comes from the same group that brought us the cool James Bond vehicles infographic) titled “Famous British Cars from Film and Telly“. Now half of the rides listed here are exactly the cars you’d expect to see, but the other half casts some light on vehicles that just don’t make famous car lists very often, if ever. It’s a good mix especially because each selection touts a few interesting dinner party worthy tidbits (we didn’t know what the “DB” in DB-5 stood for) as well as some really fun facts for you die-hard film fans (How much would it cost to convert Roger Moore’s Lotus Esprit into a fully functioning submarine?…a LOT). Enjoy!

Thanks to Jennings Motor Group for the heads up. What are your favorite cars from film or television??