Ohhh, Look…The Geek Zodiac

Hey, now this is pretty neat. Have you ever felt like you had some sort of cosmic connection to the films and (more specifically) the types of characters you see on screen? Well if that’s the case, you’re not alone. From Geekologie we got word of this pretty neat graphic called The Geek Zodiac. Throwing out tried and true and possibly misleading astrological signs like Pisces, Sagittarius and Cancer, The Geek Zodiac puts things in terms we film fans can understand and relate to.

Forget months and dates of the year, this new cinematic/fan boy zodiac breaks it down by years. I’m 1980 (cue the old man jokes) and that makes me a SPY…and what better symbol for a Spy than the one and only James Bond (although I’ve always thought I was a JACK BURTON).

Have a look at the graphic to figure out your sign. That way, the next time a girl approaches you at the bar and asks “hey baby, what’s your sign?” there’ll be no more awkward pauses as you try to figure out if Gemini is the middle of the month or what. Simply blurt out a confident “I’m a TIME TRAVELER” without fear of being taken away in a straight jacket…Enjoy!!

Click the image below for the hi-rez version.



  • Custard

    Love that!! I am a wizard. Which is aces in my book!!

    My birth year is 1973…NOW we can have the old man jokes heheh

    Great fun post.

    I do love a bit of GEEK action!


      • Custard

        phew, I am feeling old as it is, what with Jack L and his massive thirst for film n=knowledge at a sill 17 years old.

        Love your theme and styling, are you a designer?