Ohhh, Look…TMNT Fan Film 'Fight the Foot'

Isn’t it funny how things that were popular 25 years ago are now popular again? Well not that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever completely went away but somethings will never die…especially if you’re a fan of it. Case in point. I found this little TMNT fan film by way of Gordon and the Whale and it is worth your time.

Titled “Fight the Foot, this is a gritty short film focusing on (briefly) hot-headed, Sai wielding Raphael. The video finds April O’ Neil in trouble (again) this time with gang members (read: not the FOOT – Boo) who aren’t particularly happy with her recent report on them. They don’t go too easy on her but Raph responds with a no-holds barred rescue and it’s surprisingly well shot. You’ll probably find yourself asking, “this is only a fan film?“. Have a look:

So yes it does have that home-made feel to it but I think this has tons of potential. Here’s wishing the filmmaker luck in future endeavors and as Also, here’s hoping that the planned live action TMNT reboot will give us something close to this. That’s my two cents anyway. What do you all think?? Totally Tubular?? Or Most Heinous??


    • MarcC

      Agreed! There’s many talented (read: independent) filmmakers out there that just need a little backing to get their films out there. Hope some of them (like this one) get their break!