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Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in NBC’s CRISIS.


CrisisHeaderGo,See,Talk is partnering with NBC to give FREE passes to a special “Advance Screening” of their new show CRISIS before its premier this Sunday. CRISIS is the network’s new thriller starring Gillian Anderson, Lance Gross, Dermot Mulroney, Rachael Taylor, Max Martini and Michael Beach.

This special screening will take place in NEW ORLEANS, LA at the AMC CLEARVIEW this Thursday, March 13th at 7:30 PM.

NBC_Crisis Poster

Here’s your chance to see this advance screening of the show in New Orleans and as a bonus we’re giving FREE popcorn & soda to everyone who attends! So how do you claim/win these passes?? Simple. Click the poster above to register for your GoFoBo ticket.

These passes are first-come, first-served so be one of the first people to register for your ticket and you may get to see CRISIS on the BIG SCREEN before it airs on this Sunday, March 16th.

Finally, as always, this ticket is not an assigned seat, just admittance to the theater. Be sure to arrive at least one hour before the screening if not earlier to help you secure a good seat. Thanks for your interest in NBC’s CRISIS and hope to see you at the Cinema!!

To bring the most powerful people in the world to their knees… threaten what they hold most dear. It’s field trip day for the students of Ballard High, a school that educates the children of Washington, D.C.’s elite, top-of-their-industry CEOs, international diplomats, political power players, even the President’s son. But when their bus is ambushed on a secluded rural road, the teenagers and their chaperones are taken, igniting a national crisis.

Now, with some of the country’s most powerful parents at the mercy of one vengeful mastermind, the question arises: How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child’s safe return? With so many parents and dignitaries put into play with nowhere to turn and no one to trust, the unthinkable grows from the select families at risk to an entire nation at stake.