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Spooky (Red Band) Trailer…'Sinister'

Let me be forthcoming: I initially laughed, nay scoffed, at Sinister based on its production credentials. I wondered if Jason Blum possessed an ambition to direct a trilogy of mono-titled horror films. Perhaps, I speculated, we’d see Malicious next, and if that made enough money we’d likely see the trifecta expanded to include such titles as Unpleasant and Eeeeevil. Of course, these thoughts all preceded my first viewing of the original trailer, which creeped me out and showcased what looks like a strong performance from Ethan Hawke. I’m all for atmospheric, built-up horror films that center themselves around really talented actors, so that first impression I had dissolved within mere moments of watching the premiere teaser.

And the good vibes I’ve been feeling from this project (insomuch as one can feel “good” vibes from a horror film about a family-slaughtering demon) continue with this red band trailer below:

Note that while much of the footage in this clip is identical to that of the old trailer, it’s cut brilliantly and functions as its own micro-narrative. The one caveat to this little ditty is that smart, economical choices in sound design and progression of sequences in the trailer don’t necessarily guarantee the same qualities in the actual film. But if Sinister turns out to be a dud, the marketing team behind it deserves some praise. We’ll have to see if their efforts match those of director Scott Derickson on October 5th. Will you be there in theaters to watch Hawke and his family get menaced by Bagul? 

Sinister is showing this week at Fantastic Fest in Austin but you can click here to see if live close to the 10 special pop-up sneak previews happening across the country. Head to for more info and purchase your tickets to the one-night only screening.