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Sweet Teaser…'Stand Up Guys'

It goes without saying that Al Pacino and Christopher Walken are titans of the film industry. Hard edged and gritty actors who earned their stripes (and our respect) decades ago, they really are the stuff of legend. So while admittedly they’ve lost a few steps it’s always good to see their faces especially when getting back to their roots. Walken has taken to having a laugh at himself but sadly Pacino just gets laughed at (roles in Gigli and Jack and Jill don’t help much) although his stage career has flourished. Hopefully this story about these aging criminals, one of whom has been hired to kill his friend, will be a film they can put in their win respective columns. It’s a little complicated and emotional but it looks good so far…enjoy!

Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit, “Lost”) takes the helm of Stand Up Guys which stars the above mentioned Al Pacino, Christopher Walken as well as Alan Arkin. The timing on this, historically speaking, doesn’t instill us (or the studios) with a lot of confidence but Stand Up Guys is slated for release on January 11th 2013. Whatcha think?? One more at bat for these icons??