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Sweet Trailer…'Branded'

…or, at least we think it’s a sweet trailer. This film from directors Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn calls to mind the familiar saying that “what’s old is new again“. This year we’re already seeing it with updates/reboots of films from Batman to Alien, and similarly here comes something that might make John Carpenter proud…or scratch his head. While the trailer seems straight-forward, at least in concept, it does go from engaging to WTF in about 8 seconds. Like a bizarre mix of They Live and anything David Cronenberg, this sci-fi mindscrew might just keep your interest. Have a look…

Branded is both written and directed by Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn and stars Jeffrey TamborMax von SydowLeelee Sobieski, and Ed Stoppard. Really I think that’s all we can say about it right now as we’re still trying to figure out if we just saw a live-action adaptation of Paprika or not. Anyway, Branded is set for release, probably limited, this Fall on September 7th, 2012. Anyone on board??