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Sweet (Shirtless) Trailer…'Breaking Dawn: Part I'

Anyone watching the MTV Movie Awards (boy I still think that in itself is a major contradiction) this year was again helped to some major Twilight teasing. Like the clip of New Moon that was shown in 2009 and last year’s Eclipse trailer, this first real look at the Twilight Saga’s final chapter (well Part I at least) was unveiled much to the screaming delight of the Twihards. For those of you missed it, have a look. And when a better quality clip becomes available, we’ll repost it.

I’m not going to lie, I like Twilight (the first one anyway). Also, I kind of have to as Mrs. GoSeeTalk is a fan. And from what she tells me, the films are a far cry from the books which I’m told are “soooo much better“. Isn’t that always the case? Breaking Dawn Part I continues the tale of Bella’s love of Edward and her acceptance in the vampire sub-culture. Her presence in their world is still shaking things up yet she’s getting married to Edward and that’s what she’s wanted since day one right? But this is Twilight and you can bet dollars to euros it won’t be all wine and roses as the Quileute and the Volturi close in on the newlywed and expecting parents. Their unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

Directed by Bill Condon and starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part I is set for release this Fall on November 18th 2011. Boy they’re really milking this vampire thing as Part II (which is in post-production right now) is just going to sit on a shelf until the same time in 2012 and that’s got to piss off the Twihards if you ask me.

But what do you fans think? Anyone excited for the wedding of Edward and Bella? Anyone eager for this all to end??


  • rtm

    You like Twilight, Marc? Wow, I had no idea! Sorry to say but I laughed all the way through the trailer… just like I did watching the first movie! One site had the headline, ‘The Breaking Dawn trailer makes you want to take your shirt off and run into the woods’ He..he.. I thought that was really funny.

  • Castor

    This is really funny! I love it when Jacob gets the invitation and starts running away in the rain ahaha

  • MarkusWelby1

    I tried to watch the first one while stuck in a hotel last fall, but I made it to the Vampire baseball game and gave up.Vampire baseball….really? Was I wrong or is there something to this series that I’m missing out on? My sister loves the books and it seems like most of the fans are female not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • MarcC

      Yeah it’s a tough sell on many levels but like I always say, when something isn’t a complete nose dive like I expected, I have some respect for it and for reasons I can’t put into words actually end up liking it. As far as my tastes go, the first one is definitely an anomaly, the rest of the series is boring teenage drivel I can do without.