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Sweet Trailer…'G.I. Joe Retailiation'

Channing, Channing, Channing…just look at all the trouble you’ve caused. Sure you can dance, sure you can fight, sure you can play an emotional sap when the script calls for it. But this, this is something else. Your presence and influence on Hollywood (specifically box office draw/return) exceeded anything anyone could have expected. So much so that you not being in a movie can cause the entire stuido to tap the brakes just so you could be in the movie.

In case I’m not making any sense, I’ll go back a bit. Roughly one month before the Summer release of G.I. Joe Retaliation (and with ad campaigns in full swing and toys heading to store shelves) Paramount and Jon M. Chu felt the need to push back G.I. Joe 2 for a 3D post-conversion and to “touch up” some scenes. Wait, wasn’t there something else being added? Oh right Channing Tatum, whom you might recall from the first trailer was to have died along with many Joes from the first film. Hence the need for…pause for effect…Retaliation.

So now look who’s back in action everybody (news flash: Channing was the main reason for the delay of the release of the film). So is his reintroduction really going to cause enough of an impact to warrant the delay of the film (remember it had incredible hype this past Summer)? Guess we’ll find out next Spring. For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this trailer for the reworked G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Looks pretty neat, but we still can’t tell if all that much has really changed from the previous trailers. However I’m still stoked, especially for the quasi continuation of the story from the last film (which I thought was rather brilliant albeit cartoonish). Joining Channing Tatum, we’ll see the return of Ray ParkByung-hun Lee, Arnold Vosloo/Jonathan Pryce as well as a slew of new characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. Paramount will (finally, we hope) bring the Joes back to theaters next Spring on March 29th, 2013. Yo Joe?