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Sweet Trailer…'Life of Pi'

I have no opinion whatsoever on Life of Pi, the novel by French Canadian author Yann Martel; I haven’t read it in the decade-and-change since its 2001 publication. But that might change with the release of the trailer for Ang Lee’s upcoming adaptation of the book. Quick reaction– it looks absolutely gorgeous. Have a look below:

Breathtaking visuals aren’t anything new to Lee’s cinema– he brings his brand of ocular magic to every film he shoots, if you ask me– but some of the images in here are pretty startling even coming from him. Watching the footage, there are a number of shots here that evoke urgency, wonder, fear, and awe, whether it’s Pi watching his ship go the route of the Titanic underwater or an army of meerkats coursing across a tropical island. (Which is to say nothing of that final eye-popping shot of the whale breaching the surface near Pi’s lifeboat!)

In short, my ticket’s already sold. How about you? Has two minutes of Life of Pi footage done its job and gotten you interested? Sound off below!