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Sweet Trailer…'Writers'

They say writers write what they know. So why is it they all have messed up stories to tell? Well that’s because life is messed up and they’re usually the only ones brave enough to bring that fact to light. By sharing their problems, awkward situations, inadequacies, etc. they give hope to a whole generation of people possibly facing similar issues. That said a little cinematic sugar can help the uncomfortable mess they call life a little easier to put down. As such, if you’re keen on that sort of stuff, enjoy this trailer for Writers from Millennium Entertainment.

Writers stars Greg Kinnear trying to keep his the pieces of his broken family together who all struggle as self-proclaimed struggling writers. Along for this quirky soul-searching story are his daughter Lily Collins, ex-wife Jennifer Connelly with Logan Lerman and even Kristen Bell who help round out this off-beat yarn about the All-American literary family. Is it just me or is Jennifer Connelly fated to play only distraught, stressed and emotionally unstable roles as of late? Eh, I guess she’s good at it and it’s not like they’re not making a sequel to The Rocketeer or Labyrinth anytime soon right?

Written directed by Josh Boone, who will be making his debut with this film, Writers is all slated for a limited release this Spring on April 19, 2013.