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Sweet UK Trailer…'Monsters University'

Well, this is a pleasant early-morning, post-blizzard (for you North Easterners!) treat. I’m still not sold on a return trip to the Monsters, Inc. universe, but it’s hard for me to watch the full trailer for Pixar’s prequel to that picture, the inventively titled Monsters University, without cracking a partial smile. But don’t take my word for it– have a look yourself and see what you think of the animation giant’s latest:

Unlike the promo material we’ve seen for the film in the last few months or so, this trailer introduces the vague outlines of plot to the project. Given that we already know how things turn out between Sully and Mike, I’m skeptical that Monsters University will turn out to be anything other than a series of cute, pat punchlines and a predictable story. It doesn’t help that the clip seems to confirm my suspicions; at a glance, the formula for this reads as, “Mike and Sully meet at college, don’t get along at first, then eventually learn to combine their respective talents of high intellect and natural scaring prowess to become the best scarers ever”. That might make a fun diversion (and I’ll admit I’m totally unclear on any details of the central conflict that will inevitably draw Mike and Sully together), but I don’t know if it’ll make for a great film.

But I’m going to have to wait a little over five months to see for myself. Who knows? This might be the rare prequel that actually compliments its predecessor and makes it feel more complete. Pixar is nothing if not inventive, and I’m not going to dismiss the possibility that they’ve got a clever, bright idea at the film’s core to make the entire exercise worthwhile. Monsters University hits theaters June 21st, 2013. We’ll find out then!

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Also here are some Monsters University screenshots (courtesy of as well as the MU featurette that was shown at D23. It’s an extended preview of the film and in it director Dan Scanlon talks about the concept, story (possible spoilers?) and more. That’s right it’s all about Monsters University this morning. Enjoy!