Sweet Video…Steven Spielberg DGA Interview

Steven Spielberg is more than a household name. He’s an icon, a legend, and nearly a God among men. While he’s known for countless amazing films that capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world, at the end of the day he’s just one guy getting to do what he loves. And he’s pretty awesome at his job that’s for sure! Last month Steven was honored by the Directors Guild in what I can only describe as one of the finest interviews I’ve ever seen. Before we get to it, here’s the into from the write-up of the nights’ events:

As part of the DGA’s 75th Anniversary, DGA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and three-time DGA Award winner, Steven Spielberg, was celebrated on June 11, 2011. Featuring a lively and engaging panel discussion with fellow visionary directors J.J. Abrams (Super 8) and James Cameron (Avatar), and moderated by 75th Anniversary Committee Chair Michael Apted, this “Game-Changer” event drew a maximum capacity crowd at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles and provided a deeply intimate, highly engaging reflection on one of the most influential and beloved filmmakers of all time.

Just the idea of hearing Steven speak about some of the most successful and beloved films of all time should be enough to make you skip right to the video (hey I don’t blame you). But add to that the inclusion of James Cameron and Spielberg protgege J.J. Abrams (who btw are just in awe of Steven) and this is one interview no film fan should miss. So click the image below to be taken to the DGA page which hosts the nearly two-hour interview with one of film’s greatest personalities/pioneers…and Cameron and Abrams to boot!!

As a film fan I can’t put into words how amazing, insightful and satisfying that interview was. Further that fact that Spielberg, Cameron and Abrams are all so humble about their craft and their track record. I can’t believe how abundant and effortlessly the compliments were given and received by these titans of film! Well this is something I’m going to have to listen to again and again in the future. Also this should become a permanent go-to resource video for all you would be directors/filmmakers…it’d save you an entire semester of film school that’s for sure:P

For more like this as they celebrate their 75th year, check out this page of the Director’s Guild website to see a similar interviews with, Francis Ford Coppola (hosted by P.T. Anderson and David O. Russell!), Clint EastwoodMartin Scorsese, George Lucas (hosted by Christopher Nolan!!) and more…

I loved this one the best but I’m curious what you thought about it. Was this interesting? Did you like hearing about Steven’s process? Make you think differently about any of your favorite films??

And for all you Jaws fans out there here’s a simply hysterical How It Should Have Ended video poking a bit of fun at one of  Steven’s earliest blockbusters…thanks for the memories Steve:) Enjoy!!