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    Great Scott!!…’Back to the Future’ Turns 30

    ​This is heavy. 30 years ago, lightning struck the clock tower of an unassuming California town, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Back to the Future is an incredible piece of filmmaking – full stop. Further, it is one of the rare occasions where a film’s legacy is only eclipsed by its fun factor. The landmark film has inspired countless filmmakers, artists, and entertainers…there are even Back to the Future LEGOs if that tells you anything. The impact it’s had on pop culture shows that the property has truly captured the hearts of an entire generation. In fact, years ago, we created a blog event titled “Films That…

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    Off the Shelf…’Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

    Certain films from my childhood only hold up because of that thing we call “nostalgia”…and this is definitely not one of them. Such a pioneer in terms of animation and well, mostly animation. A wonderfully funny and well acted noir film, this really caters to all ages and is a joy to watch repeatedly. The thing I am curious about is why this method/style of storytelling never caught on or was widely repeated – probably just too expensive I’d bet. However that makes this all the more special as it has neither worthy (key word there) imitators or successors.