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    Off the Shelf…’The Jungle Book’

    Everybody loves The Jungle Book, or, at least, a great deal of people claim to love the 1967 film. Truth is, whether or not you have nostalgic leanings towards it, it’s not that great a picture. Now, faults aside, there are some redeeming and rather endearing qualities. But on the whole, it’s not one of the studio’s best efforts. Further, just because something is old, it doesn’t exactly make it good – take that hilarious “Honest Trailer” for instance which really sends up the film. So now that Disney is on this live-action kick, Jon Favreau has taken the helm of this 2016 adaptation. His undying love for the original aside, this…

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    Interview…Film Composer Patrick Doyle Weaves Magic for a Whole New Generation with ‘Cinderella’

    If you visit the site often, or know me personally, you know that I love film…but I love film scores a whole lot more. Our “Composer Series” has become a large part of the site, and it has been incredibly rewarding being afforded the opportunity to speak with those who have created some of the most iconic and indelible themes of the last half century. Case in point. When we spoke with Patrick Doyle last year, we discussed his and Kenneth Branagh’s efforts to reboot the Jack Ryan franchise. His hybrid approach to the tech-thriller score was an exercise in tension and excitement, and everything you could want in a…

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    Off the Shelf…’Lady and the Tramp’

    And we call it bella notte. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp arrives on Blu-Ray as the latest addition to their remarkable Diamond Edition series. We’ve seen how features like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast look on Blu-Ray, but how about a feature from way back in 1955? Well, in short, it is glorious! This fits right in place alongside all the Disney treasures and love stories. Sure it’s not of the Princess/fantasy variety we’re used to seeing but still a wonderful tale for any fan of Disney films, or canines, or both. Kids have a lot thrown at them these days so sometimes you need a trip back to…

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    Off the Shelf…’Winnie the Pooh’

    If there’s one Disney staple that I am the most ignorant of it is Winnie the Pooh. Not that the world is hard to comprehend or that I’m oblivious of the characters but I’ve just not had much time with everyone’s favorite rumbly tumbly bear and his endless quest for honey. Not like it takes a lot to become familiar with the inhabitants of A. A. Milne‘s stories, I’ve just never been drawn to those characters. That said, after seeing this newest (and infinitely pleasing) story about Pooh and his friends I don’t mind telling you I am growing quite fond of them all.

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    Sweet Trailer…'The Secret World of Arrietty'

    Calling all you Ghibli fans!! After nearly 2 years of waiting we’re going to finally get a US theatrical release of The Arrietty (originally The Borrowers) aka Kari-gurashi no Arietty. Inspired by Mary Norton’s children’s fantasy novels this was released by The Toho Company in Japan last summer and Walt Disney is bringing this, like the UK release before now, to our theaters next year. Hand picked by Miyazaki himself, this feature is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who is another in the series of Studio Ghibli artists/animators making his directorial debut. Have a look at the beauty, wonder and spectacle in what looks to be another gem from the world famous Studio…