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    Off the Shelf…’Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

    Certain films from my childhood only hold up because of that thing we call “nostalgia”…and this is definitely not one of them. Such a pioneer in terms of animation and well, mostly animation. A wonderfully funny and well acted noir film, this really caters to all ages and is a joy to watch repeatedly. The thing I am curious about is why this method/style of storytelling never caught on or was widely repeated – probably just too expensive I’d bet. However that makes this all the more special as it has neither worthy (key word there) imitators or successors.

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    G-S-T Quick 5 – Movies That Should Be on Blu Ray

    With the abundance of Blu Ray titles on the market, I find myself thinking that there are a few worthy (and much-needed) titles that deserve the “New Blu Treatment”. I know it’s a slow process as there’s got to be an incredible back log of films still to be made over. Yet, as I see what has been released the more, I feel sorry for these titles not getting a fair shake and my heart goes out to the patient fans who remain wanting. What’s worse it that some of these films never even got anything more that a “VHS dump” version on DVD. So the fact that they are…