To All You 'Gladiator' Blu Ray Owners…

Hello World Marc Here:

While I’m not much on A/V tech news this is movie related (and regarding one of my all time favorite films) so it behooves me to tell you all as no doubt it affects some of you cinephiles out there.

Anyone who rushed out in 2009 and snatched up Paramount’s Sapphire Series Blu Ray edition of Gladiator may not have been at all happy with the transfer. Not only did the edge enhancement and digital video noise reduction create a sub-par transfer, the disc itself features tons of technical glitches. Bad day for those first in line huh?

So while Paramount finally released a fixed copy that truly pleased anyone who bought the new “remastered edition” in 2010, they didn’t snuff those of us (myself included) who got burned on the early bad print. To hearty rejoicing Paramount established a limited exchange program…Huzzah!

In a statement issued last year, Paramount acknowledged there have been,

“preferential issues with some of the technical DVNR (digital video noise reduction) and EE (edge enhancement) choices made in the original source transfer, and so would prefer to exchange it for one that addresses those preferences in a different manner. While the version that we originally distributed was of the highest quality, some enthusiasts may prefer to view it without the Edge Enhancement and DVNR implemented as standard process in bringing the film to hi-def. This new master resolves those issues.”

Anyone interested in receiving a replacement disc needs only contact Paramount Home Entertainment’s service hot-line number 1.888.889.9456. It’s a 24hr/day number and they’ll ask you for some specifics but to save you time, here’s how to check if you have the right (read: bogus) copy to qualify for the trade in…

-White UPC on box
-Disc 1 has a code on the back of the disc starting with NA and ends with a 1
-Says 2009 near the bottom right – near the circle

-Yellow UPC on box
-Disc 1 has a code on the back of the disc starting with NA and ends with a 2

Note: The images above are from and show the “REMASTERED EDITION”

So while this hasn’t been breaking news for some time I’m actually quite glad that Paramount still honors the trade in. Hey I benefited from it, hope you can too. Also, you can expect to see a G-S-T Off the Shelf review once I get the replacement “remastered” version of Gladiator. Finally, HUGE thanks to the team over at for the head-up on this! Are you not entertained??