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Sweet Trailer…'Drew: The Man Behind The Poster'

They say that sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for. We movie fans have become accustomed to waiting a decent amount of time, haven’t we? Well in the case of this production, it goes much deeper than waiting for a hyped film, prequel/sequel etc. to hit your local multiplex. This really is something special.

A legend in film circles for his iconic and insanely well-received posters, Drew Struzan has done art work for some of the most famous films of all time. Loved the world over, his work is so instantly recognizable he’s essentially become a brand unto himself. The trailer below is for documentary about the beloved poster artist. After what seems like too long (well really just 2 years) director Erik P. Sharkey has finally completed the project and the all too short trailer below is just one step closer to the final product…enjoy!!

Drew had, until quite recently, been enjoying his retirement. But when the world needs the esacapism of the theater now more than ever there’s only one man who can save us come up with designs to get us excited about upcoming films again.

The good news is that this doc is in the can Huzzah!!…the bad news is that we have no word on release, distribution or anything of the sort. But like I mentioned above, we’ve waited before so this is not that much of a stretch. Only we hope it will get a release sooner rather than later. Keep you posted!

But let me ask you all…what’s your favorite Drew Struzan poster? Can’t pick just one? Me neither. So OK, what are your Top 5 Drew Struzan posters?