For the Kids: CARS 2 Characters Come to Dallas!!

Hello World, Marc Here: Here’s something for all you auto buffs out there…well those of you prefer the Pixar brand of vehicle that is. For all you kiddos (and parents) who are in the Dallas area, NorthPark Mall will be hosting an all day long Cars 2 themed event. Here’s some brief specifics about the […]

More 'CARS 2' Stuff Than You Can Shake a Tire Iron At

While I thought we were nearing the end of the Cars 2 roll out of vehicles and promo materials, turns out I was so very wrong. Recently Pixar has been unveiled more characters, photos, posters and just recently, a stunning triptych for you to drool over. Click the image below to see the beautiful hi-rez […]

Ohhh, Look…'Cars 2' Vintage Grand Prix Posters

Looks like we’re nearing the end of the Pixar marketing campaign but they seem to have save some of the best for last. That said, here’s some awesome looking Grand Prix posters for locations in Cars 2 and I’m just a sucker for this type of artwork. They speak for themselves and really capture that […]

Sweet Trailer (& New Screenshots!!)…'Cars 2'

Well, I know we’ve posted a few trailers of Cars 2 this year but man, each one is just so enjoyable to watch. It’s hard not to consume as much of this content as we do (as I’d like to leave some surprises for the theater) but I can’t help myself…it’s all so awesome looking. […]

Ohhh, Look…Toy Story Short "Hawaiian Vacation" Clip

Last year Toy Story 3 was a huge hit. And by huge I mean it was a billion dollar hit (that’s billions with a B!). Riding high on their success, Buzz, Woody and the Toy Box gang are going to be featured in the next Pixar short which precedes the upcoming Cars 2. In a […]

Ohhh, Look…New 'Cars 2' Characters

There’s one automobile related film I’m excited about this year and it ain’t Drive Angry. No, it’s Pixar’s Cars 2 and today we have our first look at 4 of the newest characters which not only look stunning but are backed with some high-profile voice talent. Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten to see all […]

Sweet Trailer…'Cars 2' Daytona 500 Spot

A few weeks ago, film fans watching the Super Bowl were treated to some great teaser trailers for the most anticipate films of 2011. The commercials were jam packed with trailers big and small but Cars 2 was oddly missing from that impressive line up. Well Pixar’s sequel about the continuing adventures of Lightning McQueen and […]

While You Were Out…1/31 – 2/4

Yup, the Super Bowl is almost upon us and it’s pretty effen snow, cold, icy and more here in lovely Dallas. If it’s any consolation, fans of both the Packers and Steelers should feel right at home. Hey boys, don’t say the Big D never did anything for you:P This week we had some good […]

Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…'Cars 2'

Vrroom, vroom!! It looks like we’re getting a truckload of Pixar magic this week and the latest offering form everyone’s favorite stateside animation house comes in the form of animated cars. Yesterday we had a post featuring a gorgeous screen shot and a teaser poster which was awesome enough. Today we get an oh so sweet […]