“What’s New on Blu?” – Week of 03/11/13

Whether you rent or buy movies, Blu-ray offers the ultimate in sight and sound. Streaming is convenient, but if you plan on watching the movie more than once, you need Blu. So, What’s New On Blu? you ask. Well, good, bad or indifferent, Go,See,Talk offers up a trio of titles that are being released each […]

G-S-T Review…Life of Pi

Editor’s note: GoSeeTalk is trying something new with this review of Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. Since there’s so much to enjoy Marc and Bill split up the review to focus on its two greatest strengths. Bill addresses the narrative structure/success of Life of Pi while Marc tackles praising its technical/visual achievements.  In Ang Lee’s latest film […]

“The CineMagic 8-Ball” – In Theaters 11/21/12

The week of Thanksgiving is a special time every year and not just because of the Black Friday deals or spending time with family.  Some of the best movies of the year are released and they are released two days early; on Wednesday.  So this week we are releasing a special Cinemagic 8-ball post a […]

Ohhh, Look…Ang Lee Talks Technical Marvels In 'Life of Pi'

The year is quickly wrapping up and one of the many anticipated films gracing theaters this Fall/Winter is Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. At one time the film, an adaptation of Yann Maretel‘s novel of the same name, was thought to be unfilmmable. Well it just goes to show that when an experienced and visionary […]

Actor Suraj Sharma Shares His Experiences Working On Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi'

For those who don’t know much about the upcoming Ang Lee film Life of Pi (or the Yann Martel novel that inspired it), it’s the kind of theater going experience that words just can’t describe. Sure there’s a synopsis, and that’s what the film is about. But what the film is…that’s something else entirely and left entirely […]