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While You Were Out…1/10 – 1/14

Well, another week has gone by and again I’ve been tied up beyond belief. On the bright side, work is good, life is good and things are awesome. The down side is that I’ve been neglecting G-S-T as well as everyone else’s awesome blogs (read: my entire blogroll) and that makes me sad. Don’t worry dear friends I’ll get back to my rounds soon. So in case you missed it, here’s what happened this week:

For all you comic fanboys and fangirls, this week had costume reveals for two highly anticipated adaptations. Here we get our first glance of the costume for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot and an idea of just how gritty or Dark Knight-esqe it may be.

I’m liking the look of this as it does have a slightly more “homemade” feel to it. After all Peter Parker is high school, he does NOT work for WETA:P My one knit pick is that it looks equal parts reptilian and made from old bicycle tires. Still pretty neat for the first official photo. Yup I’m still interested!

Now to Captain America: The First Avenger. As much faith as I have in Rocketeer director Joe Johnston (I’ll forgive him for The Wolfman) I’m on the fence regarding Captain America’s suit. Looks cool but running around in broad daylight (Superman aside) in a bright blue outfit still is a tough sell as far as believability goes. I liked Bryan Singer’s idea to de-saturate/ground the X-Men and clad the team in leather. As I’m not the biggest “Cap” fan I’ll wait and see…although I like the fact that Hugo Weaving is playing the Red Skull.

For those wanting a HEAVY dose of eye candy, I think this double shot of Sucker Punch should do the trick. Zack Snyder has certainly got the knack for visuals as we all know. Will the story be there to back it all up? My gut says yes:)

That doesn’t really have anything to do with this week’s events except for the fact it did drop this week. But still, nothing wrong with a little levity on a Friday right? Pretty much everything at How It Should Have Ended will put a smile on your face. If you enjoy this Top Gun video (not their best but still funny) please do yourselves a favor and check out their other videos.

Q: What do Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and now Johnny Depp all have in common? A: An iconic character that will live on way after their personal popularity fades. I think most people were upset with the story of At World’s End and how it basically fell prey to the Trilogy Curse. However that didn’t stop Depp and Disney from wanting more Jack Sparrow. The 4th Pirates On Stranger Tides comes out this May and rumor is that Depp may be gearing up for the 5th one (didn’t someone say this was the first in an all new trilogy?). One more for you Q: Hasn’t the revived Pirate fad run it’s course already?

For those of you wanting something (anything really) better for Keanu after The Day the Earth Stood Still but before the fabled Cowboy Bebop movie, check this out. There’s a tiny bit of intrigue hiding behind the very blandly cut trailer. Hey, I’m excited to see more on this, especially something with James Caan that doesn’t include Family Guy cut aways.

Paul Bettany is looking pretty awesome in this adaptation of Priest. Still he was in Legion and that at first looked pretty good too. To his credit this trailer has come a long way since the rough Comic Con footage…then again so did Daywalkers. I’m 50/50 right now but that aside, what’s Paul Bettany doing with all these religious roles??

Lastly on the trailer train, for those of you wanting something to get your mind off how mind numbingly cold it is (yes, even in Dallas) this might do the trick. Although, the girl in question does have to contend with losing an arm after a shark attack then finding the strength to get back on the surfboard…so maybe the Winter snow isn’t that bad after all.

This isn’t news or anything but I’ve been finding more and more clever pics like this from I Can Has Internets and they’re definitely worth a look. These images, some near works of art I’d say, make the 80’s child in me grin from ear to ear. It’s pretty much a brilliant pop culture mash of movies and video games. Check out all the galleries here. It should be right up the alley of anyone who liked Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Well, out of all that, does anything look interesting?? Feel free to comment! Aside from that, is anyone seeing anything this weekend? I saw True Grit on last night (loved it, just not as much as Black Swan or 127 Hours) and will be going to The King’s Speech tonight so expect those reviews next week!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  • Klaus

    “Hasn’t the revived Pirate fad run it’s course already?”

    Probably – but i’ll watch another adventure of Jack Sparrow as long as Depp wants to revisit the role.

    • MarcC

      True but I would hate to sit through another pointless and idiotic quest like At World’s End. While Sparrow makes the movies work he can’t carry all the weight. I’m on the fence about it all. On Stranger Tides is really going to have to thrill me because I’m not really looking forward to any more Jack Sparrow right now.