And Now For A Short Break…

Hello World, Marc Here:

Tomorrow will be one of the biggest days of my entire life.  Yes, that’s right, on Saturday at 7:30, I will be getting married!!  Boy I can’t believe I’m at that point in my life.  After that, my “wife” and I will be heading to Australia for 2 weeks to enjoy our Honeymoon.  Oh, it’s going to be sooo sweet!!

Boy it’s really an exciting time for me and so I felt like sharing with all you G-S-T readers.  With that said, this will be that last post until I return mid-February.  That is unless Rob and Pete get off their asses and start contributing…yeah, don’t bet on that:P  See you all in 2 weeks!!!


  • Mad Hatter

    Awesome news! Congratulations dude – it’s one of the most mind-blowing experiences of your life, be sure to soak in as much as possible! (I just took the plunge in October, so it’s all still quite a new feeling).

    Have a great time, we’ll all mind the shop for ya.

    • Marc

      I’d agree with mind-blowing. Really can’t believe it, but now, it’s official – I am married and it is sweeeet! Kind of sad how quickly it comes and goes all to quickly. But I guess it’s like waiting a year a half for a movie’s release:P

    • Marc

      Thanks Man. After going there, if you haven’t already been, I’d definitely recommend it. Awesome country, very friendly people, and great beers. Overall, awesome…expensive but awesome:)

  • rtm

    Congratulations and best wishes, Marc! As someone who’ve been married for seven years now, I say marriage is one of the coolest things that happened to me… so good for you! WOW, Australia? Lucky you! My hubby and I almost went last year as we were hoping to combine it with our Indonesia trip, but we just couldn’t fit that in our schedule. My aunt lives in Sydney and she’s been bugging me to visit. Anyway, enjoy your honeymoon and have a safe trip. God bless!

    P.S. I’ll miss your posts but I’ll be looking forward to it in February!

    • mcarteratthemovies

      YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE! Strappin’ on the old ball-n-chain. I envy you. (No, seriously, I do.) And you’re spending two weeks in Australia. WAHOO! Have a blast, take loads of pictures and be ready to post some here — who cares if they aren’t movie related? It’s AUSTRALIA — when you get back!

      • Marc

        As requested…some photos posted with more to come!! First half of the trip was on Hamilton Island (the Cancun of Australia) and the second half was in Sydney…right up there with Tokyo for coolest city (even though Sydney is so much more laid back than Tokyo).

        Oh, got a pic I need to send you…I think you’ll like it:)

    • Marc

      Thanks ever so much Ruth!! Yes the wedding was great and the honeymoon was even better. Spent lots of money but the memories were definitely onces in a lifetime:)

      I’d say take your Aunt’s invite and go for a visit… especially to beat the cold this time of year:) Awesome…simple awesome. But bring the sunblock!!