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"Double Feature Theater" Blog-A-Thon

Welcome everyone to Go,See,Talk’s Double Feature Theater (or Theatre to our UK friends)!!

Who doesn’t love a good double feature? Even if one movie turns out crappy you still get a good flick under your belt right? In this Blog-A-Thon I have assigned each of our participants a theater of their very own and asked them to create a week’s worth of Double Features which begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. The bonus here is that on Sunday there’s a Triple Feature so it might allow for a more creative and interesting line up for the end of the week.

So with that said, dim the lights and enjoy the show!!!


Monday – Stand and Deliver / Cheaters

To cheat or not to cheat? That is the question? One film teaches you the virtues of studying hard and the benefits of perseverance burning the midnight oil. The other teaches us that sometimes if the system is stacked against you playing by the rules isn’t an option. Talk about a difficult moral lesson for Monday! Fine performances abound but in this double feature you get the added bonus of seeing the first film featured briefly in the second. It’s not that a scene was lifted but you’ll see what I mean.


Two-fer Tuesday – Goldfinger / OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies  &  Sherlock Holmes / Without a Clue

A double dose of mystery and international espionage is tonight’s main course. The world’s greatest spy and the world’s greatest spy spoof go head to head against a similarly brilliant detective and a brilliant re-imagining of said detective. The game is most certainly a foot!


Wednesday – Shaun of the Dead / Doghouse

Zombie films are a dime a dozen but unless your last name is Romero it takes a lot to distinguish yourself. Enter one Rom-Zom-com and an equally fun indie film that also has a laugh at itself. Brits always have the best humor and these are examples of comic fried gold from across the pond.


Thursday – The Iron Giant / The Incredibles

This one two punch of heartwarming family films comes from the mind of Pixar’s perpetual 9 year old…no not John Lasseter, these wonderfully inventive stories come from Brad Bird. Everyone pretty much knows The Incredibles but more and more people are learning about his equally charming earlier film about a boy and his alien robot.


Friday – Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World / Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

One is a realistic historical drama void of glamour and the other is a based on an amusemement park ride. Still both feature adventure on the high seas and two of the most likeable and memorable ship captains in all of film. Also two sea faring flicks who have their names punctuated via a colon:P


Saturday – Seven Samurai13 Assassins

Ok this one is going to be tough to make it through but the trip is totally worth it!! It’s near 6 hours of the finest Ronin battle films of all time with the bonus that Miike’s 13 Assassins being pretty much a love letter to Kurosawa’s masterpiece. Sigoy is right!!


Sunday’s Triple Feature Double Bonus –

Paradox Aplenty” – Primer / The Time Machine / Back to the Future

Progressing from simplistic (and confusing) to fantastic and legendary, these three time machines have captivated audiences around the world and teach us the complexities and oddities that abound when travelling through the space-time continuum.


Scary Faces” (aka the Midnight Matinee) – The Exorcist / The Thing / Dawn of the Dead

This trio of terror highlights not only some of the creepiest and beloved horror films but features some of the greatest effects work from the premier and legendary effects/make up artists of all time. Dick Smith, Rob Bottin, and Tom Savini make each of these films so convincing and iconic that after 6 hours of terror you’ll be glad when the sun comes up to say the least!!


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