Kevin Costner's latest: 'The Company Men'

Good news everyone, Kevin Costner is going to be in the 2010 release of The Company Men, a John Wells films about ‘corporate downsizing’ which looks to be independently produced.  Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck will also star.  Affleck’s character (looking to play the same role as Changing Lanes if you ask me) looses his job and get work in construction from his brother-in-law Kevin Costner.  Tommy Lee will play a senior partner in Affleck’s firm.

I’ve said it before, but I’ve always been a sucker for Kevin Costner films (him and Michael Keaton).  The man has a lot of talent and I think he gets better with every movie.  Most people are drawn to bring up Waterworld whenever Costner’s name is dropped, but that needs to change.  It wasn’t a bad movie, its just made much less than it cost to make (again, see Speed Racer) and people (studios mostly) never let that go.  I’ll admit, the Postman wasn’t very good but think of his track record:  The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, Dances With Wolves, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, For Love of the Game, Open Range, The Guardian, Mr. Brooks (to name my favs).  Yes, there were some less than great movies but you get the same with Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone.  Annnnnd if I can throw out a personal opinion here, you don’t get to marry a hottie like Christine Baumgartner if you’re not a Hollywood Superstar.

That being said, I eagerly await any news about a Kevin Costner.  I think in about 10 more years he could be among the ranks of Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman as far as actor/director accomplishments.  I’m not saying that it will happen, but I’m hoping it could happen.  Costner has a lot of talent and 10 years is a lot of time to create in Hollywood.

So, anyone think KC’s upcoming flick sounds interesting?…or does anyone have any thoughts about my prediction?